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Event Detail

Schedule #: 6173
Registration: January 2023-December 2023
Type: External Registration
Event Name: Utilizing Cultural Adaptation Frameworks to Tailor Psychotherapy for Asian heritage Populations
Description: This is the part of a series of 12 part virtual training and learning series was organized to help BHS providers develop and strengthen foundational skills so they can recognize and embrace an anti-racist and culturally-responsive approach to clinical interventions with their clients.
Program: Behavioral Health Services
Category: Course Registration
Delivery Mode: Video Conferencing
Location: Online, Pending
Instructor: Ritchie Rubio
C.E. Units: 3
C.E. Charges: 0
Days: Fri.
Date: 05/24/2024
Deadline: 05/24/2024
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM
Seats: 0
Waitlist: 0

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