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Mandatory Compliance and Privacy Training

101 Grove, SF, CA 94102
Phone: (855) 729-6040
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The following courses are open to DPH employees and contractors who are not required to use Halogen or eMerge.
Enter Classroom6383SFDPH CBO Annual Compliance & Privacy Training (FY24-25)This course is for contractors, employees of contractors (including CBOs with no POI#), volunteers, and SFGOV employees who do not have to take Compliance & Privacy training on the city portal. DPH employees and CBOs with POI#: DO NOT take this training - please take the training on the city portal. The training covers general principles of compliance, Code of Conduct, fraud, waste, abuse, whistleblower, principles of privacy (including HIPAA), data sharing applicable regulations and how to report compliance, ethnics or privacy concerns. The post test must be completed at 100% passing and the confidentiality statement and Code of Conduct MUST be electronically signed in order to complete the training.07/01/2024 - 06/30/202506/30/2025214
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San Francisco Department of Public Health